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Culver Ganem-Redd



Currently, I am developing video recording and editing software at TechSmith Corporation. I am using those experiences to deepen my knowledge of software development processes and best practices.

 Software Engineering Skills

• Strong team-based software development experience in a combined C# and C++ environment

• Strong knowledge of the WPF and MFC user interface frameworks

• Moderate experience working in a build environment leveraging NuGet, TeamCity, and Git

• Strong game scripting, design, and development experience with Unity3D 3.4 and 3.5 targeting Web, PC, and iOS

• Basic knowledge of web development using PHP, Javascript, ActionScript, MySQL, and jQuery

• Beginner knowledge of Blender modeling

• IDE experience: Visual Studio 2010-2015, Unity3D, MonoDevelop, Eclipse, and Xcode

• Agile development tools: Trello, GitHub, and Google Drive

 Employment Experience

May 2013 – Present | Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation

Supervised by Kari Bulkley

Duties include: Developing within the constraints of a long-established codebase, developing new features that balance the needs and expectations of users with the goals of the business, effectively communicating with product management, UX designers, marketers, architects, test specialists, and interaction designers on a daily basis, generating and updating time estimates for large projects, sharing knowledge and perspectives with teammates, and independently seeking out new resources and personal projects to develop my skills. 

May 2012 – May 2013 | Adaptive Games Analytics Researcher at Michigan State University

Supervised by Dr. Carrie Heeter

Duties included: Analyzing and documenting existing analytics systems for ActionScript-based games, modifying existing code to calculate and report additional metrics, integrating modifications into ongoing NSF-funded online research on play styles and learning, applying the analytics methodology to track metrics in a new, third-party game, and modifying existing research websites to accommodate new methods of data collection. 

Summer 2011 and 2012 | Software Engineer Intern at Optec, Inc.

Supervised by Jeff Dickerman

Duties included: Building apps for Android and iOS that make use of wireless networking and filesystem features, implementing features in C# and C for equipment control software and firmware, creating and implementing website designs and scripts, developing commercial-quality product images to be displayed on a company website, creating documentation for configuration, use, and troubleshooting of company products and software, identifying and documenting security vulnerabilities in online shopping cart systems. 

Fall 2011 – May 2013 | Student Web Developer at MSU Virtual University Design and Technology

Supervised by Nathan Lounds

Duties included: Implementing web tools in PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and MySQL according to a specified design, translating code functionality between multiple programming languages, and ensuring integrity of user experiences from login to logout.

 Personal Qualities

• Excellent writing and communication skills

• Strong desire to acquire and share new knowledge with teammates

• Experience working in an agile software development environment

• Strong ability to work both independently or as part of a team

• Able to adapt efficiently to different working environments

• Able to quickly learn new development tools and APIs as needed

• Practical knowledge of game development life cycles and iterative prototyping and design

• Individual and team-based game design and development experience

• Practical knowledge of design and performance considerations integral to mobile app development

• Lifelong enthusiasm for games and the game development process

• Extensive, multi-genre knowledge of games


Fall 2011 – 2013 | Michigan State University, Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media

M.A. program in Serious Game Design

2007 – 2011 | Albion College, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Institute

B.A. in Physics and Computer Science. Graduated Cum Laude with Albion College Honors.

Published thesis entitled: A Design Document for Space Station: Universe, A Virtual World for Astronomy Education and Outreach.

 Activities and Interests

• TechSmith Events Committee (Spring 2015 – Present)

• Game Developers’ Conference, Conference Associate (GDC San Francisco 2013 – 2014)

• MSU SpartaSoft (Fall 2012 – Spring 2013)

 Awards & Achievements

Michigan State: Recipient of a Meaningful Play 2012 Outstanding Volunteer Award, Dean's List 

Albion College: Recipient of an E.T.S. Walton Endowed Physics Prize – Spring 2011

Inducted into Sigma Xi – Spring 2010 (an honor usually awarded only to seniors but given me as a junior)

Dean’s List, cumulative GPA 3.63

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