Vital Stats

Created By: Team Nyx
Development Time: Seven Weeks (completed Dec. 2011)
Artists: Rick Rizzo, Nathaniel Abernathy
Designers: Bryan Novak, Nathaniel Abernathy, Carrie Cole, Culver Redd, Rick Rizzo
Producer: Carrie Cole
Programmers: Culver Redd, Bryan Novak




Lumino is a third-person action/puzzle game built in the Unity3D game engine for the Michigan State University TC445 course. The player plays as Lumino, an avatar of light who was imprisoned by the evil Doctor Noctis. Players defeat hordes of enemies and solve puzzles in order to defeat Doctor Noctis and restore light to the world.

* Lumino was exceptionally well-managed. The scope left lots of room for polishing, which resulted in a very high-quality game

* Part of why Lumino worked was that it was centered on a single aesthetic that was always kept in mind.

* Lumino was my first digital game dev experience. I got a great deal of solid scripting experience in a variety of areas--everything from lights and colors to coroutines to health systems to puzzle logic.


As the team’s first foray into a team-based game creation project, Lumino went extremely well. The entire team got along famously and has become fast friends that continue to prefer each other’s company for future projects. The project scope was extremely well-managed by our producer, Carrie Cole, which allowed us almost two full weeks at the end of the project purely to add polish to the features we’d already implemented. Most importantly, the entire team was able to hold the same vision for the project for nearly all of development, which contributed to a player experience that felt very coherent and focused.

While some games are centered on a mechanic, or a story, Lumino was built to deliver an aesthetic. Throughout the project, the entire team knew that we wanted to deliver a game that felt ethereal and dreamlike. We started with that concept, and worked to integrate story, mechanics, and controls outward from that point. This focus paid off, as our peers honored Lumino with the TC445 Best Aesthetics and (a tie) Top Game awards.

My contributions to Lumino included the dynamic light-coloring system that was applied to both the game world and the player character, as well as the logic behind the crystal puzzles that are spread throughout the first two levels of the game. The lighting system, in particular, was a useful experience, since it gave me a reason to learn how to use Unity3D’s coroutine system, which has proved to be extremely useful in subsequent projects.

Code Sample

This is a segment of code from the world and character dynamic lighting script. Since the character's light level is dependent on health level, this script doubles as a health management script.


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