So Close And Yet So Far

Posted by CodeRedd on February 6, 2014

I have reached the end of implementing the code from my first real chapter of 3D Game Engine Programming, and yet I am so far away from having something I can see and play with. 

Two obstacles still stand in my way. The first: my support for Unicode comes back to bite me once again, as it is causing runtime errors as the Direct3D initialization code is spinning up.

The second and more daunting: I had imagined that this chapter of Zerbst and Duvel's book would be covering rendering in its entirety: initializing Direct3D, displaying textures, etc. Perhaps this was an inflated expectation from a single chapter, but I was dismayed to find that the real meat of using DirectX to render objects on a screen has been left for further chapters. The code I have created is simply that which sets up those later chapters for success by getting Direct3D ready to go. I suppose there is still much to be said for that.

And now I begin the tedious task of sorting out the runtime errors in my application, so that I can rely on the foundation I have built for later work. Hopefully, the complications brought on by my Unicode support will be the type that are simple enough that I can solve them once and make any future occurrences a negligible obstacle.

Progress So Far: Implemented code to begin and end rendering with DirectX 9 (set up scenes, swap chains, etc.) and created a demo project that (once debugged) will display four scenes in a window.



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