A Mission Statement

Posted by CodeRedd on July 24, 2014

 A few weeks ago, I promised that change would soon be coming to my work, and to this blog. I'm happy to say that the changes I have in the pipeline are well on their way! Unfortunately...as often happens with new and exciting projects, I underestimated the scope work involved, so what I have in store is not going to happen as fast as I would have originally liked. However, I do have this to say:

This site began as a simple portfolio. A place for me to share my game development work with the world. Along the way from then to now, I determined that I needed to learn more about the technology underlying the creation of digital games, and thus was this blog born. As I have continued along this adventure of reading and blogging and coding, I have realized what value there is in simply sharing my learning, as frequently and as freely as possible, complete with all its missteps and faults. From what I get right, and more importantly what I get wrong, I believe that the chronicle of my work that exists here can serve to educate and inspire the many other beginning developers, game designers, and bloggers out there. It is with that goal in mind that I seek to expand this entity that is Code Redd Games as far as it will go, to reach new audiences and new ideas. 

I hope that you will join me as I continue my journey.


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