Mathematical Food For Thought

Posted by CodeRedd on March 4, 2014

Tonight I made a fair amount of progress, completing the implementation of the classes for both Vector and Matrix math. Thanks to my backgroung in physics, the mathematical algorithms themselves were quite familiar and easy for me to understand. However, in the x86 assembly language I may have found more challenge than I anticipated. 

With a project like this, where much of the code I'm writing is simply copied out of a book with slight adaptation, it can be easy to just build the classes without thinking much about what each line of code is actually doing. However, because the goal of my work is to learn more about C++ and game engine construction, I certainly must rise above that temptation and give some true thought to why the code I'm writing is the way it is. With C++ this takes merely a little extra attentiveness, but tonight I found that that process is much more difficult for assembly code.

I confess, though I powered through the implementation in order to reach a natural stopping point, I have very little concept at the moment for what is happening on each line of all but the first couple assembly code snippets. So, it's clear to me that I'm going to have to go back over that code and do some pen-and-paper example-working before I can in good conscience continue onward to implementing further 3D math tools.

Progress So Far: Implemented math for 3D vectors and matrices, but with a need to go back over some sections of the code for better understanding.


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