The Importance Of Adding Includes

Posted by CodeRedd on January 23, 2014

And this, folks, is precisely why I started working on this project. Having only recently begun to work with C++, and only having had the opportunity to work on an already established, well-QA'd codebase,there's a ton I don't know about the nitty-gritty details of the language (and really, any language being used with the Windows API).

When I stopped for the night in my last post I was stuck because Zerbst and Duvel, the authors of the book that's giving me the guidance for writing this engine used as an example what appeared to be the complete contents of a file. However, what they neglected to mention was that there were a couple #include statements not explicitly mentioned in the example that I would need to add for my code to work correctly! This is kind of a "derp" moment, but it would clearly help me access files in the Win API if I actually bothered to include windows.h! Tongue Out On top of that, in some examples they explicitly declare strings inside of function calls that require wide character arrays instead of standard char*'s. Probably they did this either because it was such an obvious addition that they felt no need to mention it, or because those API calls were just fine with char*'s when the book was written and the standard has since changed. But either way, it created a stumbling block for me, and I had to do a bit of reading and learning to move past it. But because it was such a frustrating issue last time, this detail is not one I'm soon going to forget!

Progress So Far: Static library for the renderer is done!

Up Next: Let's start implementing the meat of the renderer DLL!



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