Comfortable Coding And New Blog Post Scheduling

Posted by CodeRedd on April 8, 2014

Tonight I continued my path to a complete instantiation of the ZFX 2.0 engine by starting to implement a skin manager that can handle data for textures and materials, and with the shift in topic returned to a more familiar type of coding than I've been doing of late. I also announce a new experiment that I'm going to try...

Up to this part of the project, the code I've been implementing according to Zerbst and Duvel's patterns has been quite foreign to me, and difficult to understand. I began with low-level initialization of DirectX for rendering, and then moved on through topics like x86 assembly code, high-level 3D mathematics, and collision/clipping/culling calculation. Now, I'm in the world of textures and materials and colors. Because the code needed to manage these kinds of data deals with far more tangible components than abstract concepts like bounding boxes and view frustums (frusta?), I am now able to see precisely how the functions I'm writing will be used in the engine. I have to say, I find such a feeling comforting. But this fact also motivates me to keep moving forward with ever more enthusiasm, as I'm well aware that if I hadn't worked through the earlier chapters of 3D Game Engine Programming I would probably not have this level of easy understanding.

Speaking of enthusiasm, I've also decided to try a new approach to how I share my progress via this blog. To this point, I have been writing a post to share my progress immediately after every work session. The original purpose of this method was twofold: first to keep me honest and keep me moving forward by providing a degree of accountability, and second to be as transparent as possible with how much and how often I work. This blogging method also provided the side benefit of ensuring that I would have frequent opportunities for reflection.

However, in practice I've found that such frequent blogging occasionally puts a damper on my progress with this project, simply because I know that the amount of progress I have time to make on a given night will not give me much to talk about, thus forcing me to grasp for topics that will make my blog worth reading. Moreover, while I do want to keep this blog as accessible as possible to readers of different backgrounds and skill levels, I also want to be writing about the details of what I am doing to develop of this game engine as reflections on development processes--something that doesn't necessarily happen when I don't have time in a single work session to make significant development progress.

So, I'm going to try a little experiment. Instead of writing a short post for every work session, I will instead write lengthier posts as I complete features or major parts of features, and thus have more to talk about for any given post. I definitely plan to continue reflecting on my work as much as possible, using notes to help me remember key points for my next blog post, but I'll also be using the longer-form blog posts to get into more depth about the details of how this game engine works. Time will tell how well this new approach works!

Progress So Far: Created an interface and header for a skin manager, and implemented some helper functions for checking equality between colors or materials. Refactored my blogging approach.


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