The Case Of The Missing Enum

Posted by CodeRedd on January 24, 2014

For tonight's work, I set out with the simple goal of getting as far as I could into implementing Zerbst and Duvel's ZFX Direct3D DLL. Turns out, I didn't get quite as far as I would've liked for the time I had available--I only got through implementing the header file!

The culprit? Apparently, Zerbst and Duvel decided to skip talking about some of the more mundane elements of the implementation, in this case, an enum that replicates some DirectX functionality, and instead simply provide the source code on the CD that comes with the book. My problem? I bought the book used, and its companion CD was missing. Therefore, I spent much of my time tonight finding the source code for this critical enumeration on the Internet and making sure I'm capable of using it in my own project. 

Thankfully, I am following in the footsteps of others who have read this book, and I was able to quickly find a Google Code user, contealucard, who had kindly posted their entire engine implementation on Google Code. However, I spent much more time hunting through their code to make sure I wasn't missing any vital pieces (and I'm still not entirely certain that I'm not missing something).

More importantly, I saw that contealucard had distributed their project via the GNU GPLv3, so I ended up spending the rest of my available time reading through the legal minutiae of the license in order to make sure that I understood its terms, and adjusting my project and GitHub repo to abide by the terms of that license.

Here's hoping that now that I've found a backup project for future cases of CD-only code and ensured that I can legally use its contents, I'll be able to make forward progress more quickly in the future!

Progress So Far: Implemented the ZFX Direct3D header file

Coming Up Next: Completing the guts of the DLL!


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